Cremation Or Burial

Cremation or burial in Alice Springs

Cremation service

Cremation is a common and compassionate way to farewell your loved one

What is involved in the cremation process?

We take care of every aspect of the cremation process. This includes issuing permits and facilitation of ashes repatriation both nationally and internationally if required - a process that can differ depending on the destination country.

With our onsite crematorium, we ensure efficient and timely services, alleviating any unnecessary stress for grieving families.

You have the flexibility to choose between Direct Cremation or cremation accompanied by a Funeral or Memorial Service. We also offer a range of options for preserving or scattering ashes to suit your preferences - including booking a plot in the Alice Springs Garden Cemetery Rose Garden, specifically designed for ashes interment.

We can assist with local cremation arrangements for all families, whether you live in Alice Springs or are needing to organize from interstate.

The choice between cremation and burial is deeply personal. No matter which option you choose, our team will be there to support you every step of the way.

71% of Australians now prefer cremation when arranging a farewell for their loved ones.

Cremation, as the main alternative to traditional burial, offers things like affordability, flexibility, convenience, and the chance to keep cherished memories close.

When the deceased have chosen cremation as their final wish, rest assured that we are committed to honouring those wishes with the utmost attention and kindness.

Burial service

Burial offers a lasting resting place for your loved one

What is involved in the burial process?

Whether you choose a burial locally in Alice Springs or elsewhere, Centre Funeral Services
can handle arrangements on your behalf.

Our team collaborates with various service providers, including florists, caterers, and council staff. We'll handle the necessary paperwork and permits, liaising with the Town Council, and can contact them on your behalf for plot confirmation, payment details, or to book the Garden Cemetery Chapel for a funeral service.

We can assist with the planning of a personal burial.People will choose burial over cremation for a variety of reasons, and their decision is often influenced by a combination of cultural, religious, personal, and practical considerations.Some individuals simply have a preference for being buried, finding comfort in the idea of a physical and identifiable resting place that loved ones can visit.


The Alice Springs Garden Cemetery

The Alice Springs Garden Cemetery is one of the most serene and beautiful places in town, ideal for a peaceful final resting place if you choose burial.

One of the most important details of our cemetery is that the plots are perpetual and do not have a lease that needs renewing every so many decades like many larger, interstate cemeteries. This offers families a sense of security, knowing that their loved one's remains will remain undisturbed without the need for ongoing financial management.

Contact us to learn more about building a cremation or burial package to commemorate your loved one.

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